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Monday, January 07, 2013

Hot Nazi Homosex?

by Eric Dondero

Newly discovered documents from Nazi Germany give credence to those who've said all along that Hitler was a homosexual.

Washington Examiner, Jan. 7, "Nazi doctors: Hitler was gay, took female hormones":
Written in erratic shorthand, Army interrogator Herman Merl, a Vienna-born medical technician enlisted to interview Hitler's doctors, Karl Brandt and Theodor Morell, scribbled "Homosex" in his notebook where he sized up the mass murderer's sexuality.

He then wrote: "Eva Braun = separate rooms" before adding "female hormone - injection 50,000 units." Elsewhere he wrote, "His sexual life and intercourse with Eva Braun was told to me."
The notes also confirm what numerous other Hitler doctors said at the time: Hitler had a serious farting problem: "[he] suffered from several ailments, notably flatulence for which he took drugs to stop passing gas."

And then there's this. Bull semen injections?
A previous Alexander auction included notes detailing how Hitler was shot up with bull semen. The new notes add that bull semen shots were used to regulate his level of testosterone. But proving that his doctors used many experimental treatments on Hitler was Merl's mention that the fuhrer was also receiving female hormones. Those can be used to treat various ailments, but are dangerous and often interfere with male sexual functions.

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